water to swim in

I couldn’t imagine a summer without the ocean. I grew up surrounded by water. For me, it isn’t summer unless I walk on a sandy beach, find some peculiar beach treasures, and splash around in the ocean. I actually never really learned to swim until my mid-teens. I was a casual wader. I almost drowned as a kid when I jumped off a diving board into the deep end of the pool…without knowing how to swim!!! Smart, huh?

Ezekiel 47 talks about 3 levels of water: 1.water to the ankles, 2. water to the knees, 3.waters to swim in. Notice that the 3rd level has NO LIMITS. It simply says “waters to swim in.” Use your imagination…dream big. At ONE CHURCH that’s what we have been doing and we are seeing God do incredible things. Our imagination is growing.

Ever since I got the courage to take the leep of faith (literally) and swim in waters over my head I’ve never wanted to go back to being a wader. But, I know what it is like to “investigate” the waters first too. (:

If you are looking for a church in Halifax to attend, come join us at ONE CHURCH. We have “water levels” for all types of swimmers. (:

Pastor Justin

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