ONE exists for the purpose of leading people to become (John 1:12)


Our vision is expressed in three simple words: BEGIN. BELONG. BECOME.

We don’t want to simply persuade people to attend another church, but our passion is to lead people to BE the church. To live it out in our daily lives, our relationships, our community, and our world.

With creative and technological mediums, we strive to communicate relevant Biblical teachings that provide people a place to BEGIN their walk with God and experience true life in Jesus Christ. We are convinced that people deeply desire community and so, we are committed to building healthy environments where people can BELONG to the family of God. Lastly, we are passionate about leading people to BECOME what God has destined for their life, thereby growing the work of God!

Our vision is lived out in practice within our families, church, community and world as we find creative ways to serve and carry the light of Jesus to every man and woman.

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